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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

6 Surprisingly and Simple

Between home, work, and family, you barely have time to breathe. What can you do to de-stress?

  1. GAZE AT BLUE to grab a moment of instant calm, Blue is the color of the ocean and the sky, so we automatically associate it with the serene feelings that come with being out in nature, says the author of the book 101 Exercises for the Soul.
  2. GRAB SOME GUM Rhythmic, repetitive actions like chewing gum trigger our body's natural relaxation response, slowing our heart rate, breathing, and brain activity. From author of Ultra longevity: The Seven-Step Program for a Younger, Healthier You.
  3. FORM A FIST “Clench your fists tightly for five seconds, and then open them. You'll relax instantly, why? When a muscle tenses as much as possible, it becomes able to de-tense completely. (Stress free for Good Book)
  4. SING YOUR HEART OUT “When we sing, we're breathing deeply,” say the author of Undress your Stress: 30 Curiosity Fun Ways to Take Off Tension. “And this lowers the body's Blood pressure and heart rate, decreasing stress.”
  5. MAKES SOMEONE'S DAY “Being kind to others produces a rush of feel-good chemicals in the brain, creating what's known as a 'helper high' says expert. The endorphin surge in the boosts our mood, distracting us from woes that stress us out.
  6. PLANT SOME CALM A little green in your environment can keep stress at bay, says expert at Kansas State University. In their study, women who kept plants at work had less anxiety. Why? They capture our attention, giving us a mental break from negative feelings that lead to stress.
So there you go another tips for stressed people out there, I recommend that you should try doing one of them because tip no.4 really worked for me... stress gone and at the same time me and my family had a great time singing.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Commtted Concealer

How to make your concealer last until the end of the day? Just read and follow these simple tips:

First, make sure your face is dry and you’ve given it time to absorb your moisturizer before applying concealer. If your eye area tends to get oily, chances are your concealer will move around your face instead of staying put. Lightly brush loose powder around your eyes to mattify any emollients sitting there that can help move your concealer around. Apply concealer one to two shades lighter to even out under eye circles, ruddiness around the nose and discoloration on the chin. A cream concealer (usually packaged in a pot) will last longer than a liquid concealer (which often comes in a tube or will last longer than a liquid concealer (which often comes in a tube or with a wand applicator), especially in our humid weather. Make sure to blend your concealer well, using the pad of your finger (the heat from your skin should help warm up the concealer to blend nicely). Dust loose powder in your exact skin color over concealer very gently with fluffy brush, to lock the concealer in place. You can actually see the difference a good dusting makes by trying it on the back of your hand: Apply two stripes of concealer on the back of your hand and brush powder on one stripe and compare the two. The concealer with powder over it definitely knows its place!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Shopping for Face Base

Warm, cool... and then what? Figuring out your true hue equates to having an easy time with foundation, powder, and the rest of your makeup. Check out this section to help you out the next time you go to the beauty counters.


  • Watch out for the words golden, warm, and tawny when browsing shades.
  • Go for bronzy, olive, and terracotta colors for eyeshadow,blush, and lipstick.
  • Avoid too pink bases and purplish eyeshadow they tend to cast gray tones on skin.
  • Be on the lookout for the shade names like rose beige, almond, and neutral.
  • Go for mauves, pinks, berry, and aquatic tints for eyes,cheeks, and lips.
  • Avoid orange or coral makeup at all costs: You'll look like... well, an orange. (Yikes!)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Decoding Your Skin Stone

3 Ways to Tell If Your Skin is Warm or Cool

  1. Look at your wrist veins. If they look greenish, chances are your skin is on the yellow side. If they're bluish, your skin's more likely to be pinkish in undertone.
  2. Look at your skin by the window.If your skin looks like it has yellow undertones, then your skin is warm-toned. If you have olive skin tones, then you're still on the warm side.If you have pink tones, your skin is cool.
  3. Ask a makeup pro at the counter. She;ll be able to tell you what skin tone you have, and which base shades match your skin perfectly. Tip: Swipe foundation on your cheek first and let it sit on skin for a while before buying.

Monday, September 22, 2008

7 Pro Eyeliner Tricks you should Know

  1. Prep lids with a dusting of foundation powder. It'll nix oils and keep eyeliner from sliding or smudging.
  2. Nothing complements eyeliner and finishes eye makeup better than curled lashes and two coats of black mascara. If your lashes are already thick,try a clear one.
  3. A great way to wear color on your eyes without shadow is with a colored liner. Try it with green, aqua, lilac, or blue, then finish with mascara.
  4. Warm a hard pencil between the pads of your thumb and index finger for easier application and to minimize tugging. Never use heat from a flame to soften eye liner.
  5. Apply eyeliner after eyeshadow. It pulls the whole look together and defines eyes.
  6. For an extra intense, long-lasting line, top pencil eyeliner with eye shadow in the same color.
  7. Easily trace liner along lash lines by gently stretching the eyelids towards the outer corner of the eye. This creates a flat surface for liner to glide on.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Master your Liner Technique

Identify your eyes shape in a snap, and then use these quick and easy eyeliner tips. You’ll be sure to mesmerize him with your sexy stare.

Enhance big eyes with liner all around, from one end to another for definition and a bit of edge. To take it up a notch, thicken the line at the outer ends of lash lines.Black liner suits you best.


Having fleshy lids means you need a thicker line on top. Line your inner rims with a dark eye shadow and a damp liner brush for soft, visible definition, thendo the same for the bottom lash line.

...Close Set

Make eyes brighter by running liner on the inner corners, thickening the outer half of the upper and lower lash lines. Apply liner again,then softly smudge with a cotton bud or with your pinky finger.


Create the illusion of thick lashes and bigger eyes by lining the top lash line, thickening the line as you move outwards. Extend the line a bit past the outer corner. Skip lining bottom lash line.